Hey guys! My name is TylurOcean and I am a producer based out of Rhode Island. I have been producing for about 10 years now and I use FL and Logic Pro X.

I've been making sound packs because I want to give back to the producer community. When I was first starting out, loops saved my life. They helped me to learn how to create a piece of music, structure drums, and structure a whole beat. I would't be where I am now if I never used loops. So I wanted to give another producer that same chance and/or feeling. If I can help even just 1 producer get that placement, or make that beat that makes them happy, or get that beat sale, I am a very happy man. If anyone ever has any questions on producing, or needs some advice feel free to message me on my socials and I'll get back to you ass soon as possible.I hope my sounds inspire you and help take you to the next step of your producing journey.




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