Rok Primec

My name is Rok Primec and I live in Vrhnika, Slovenia. I was born on the 28th of August in 1981 and since
then I loved playing with music. At a very young age, I started recording the cassettes and mix the music with two cassettes together.
In elementary school, I played music on the school radio and this motivated me to start learning how to play the piano.
I was learning by a Slovenian pianist, who was very popular at the time.
Later, in high school, I was introduced to electronic music. I fell in love with it immediately and left the piano lessons.
That was the time when electronic music just started to develop in Slovenia. At every electronic party, there was always
the same, small group of people. Not many people knew and liked electronic music at the time ...
After some time and a lot of effort, I finally bought myself turntables and learned how to mix music with them. That opened
a lot of new opportunities to me - I was mixing music on many private parties and I also organized some parties by myself.
Those times were crazy good and I was enjoying all the new adventures that came on my way.
A few years later I became a father to my beautiful daughter and later to my amazing son. Family means a lot to me,
so I decided to close my music chapter and concentrate on my family and kids.
After some time I figured out, music is such a big part of me, that I can't just let it go. I stepped back into that field, this time just as a hobby,
but I soon figured out being DJ is not what I really want. I wanted more, I wanted to learn how to produce my own music.
At the time, it was unimaginable to get equipment for music production, especially in Slovenia. But that was also the time
when the digital era started to develop quickly. Prices dropped a lot, there were many new products on the market and it was easier to access them.
Somewhere around this time, I was introduced to Bojan Premelč, who is a professional music and sound technician.
He opened my eyes and expanded my knowledge about the digital world. Slowly I started gathering a midi controllers, samplers, drum machines, etc.
I soon realized this is a never-ending story, but I loved every step that I took in that direction.
After many years of gathering the gear and the knowledge about sounds, music, music production, etc. I finally decided I want this to
be more than just a hobby. Music is my passion, this is who I am as a person.
I love to create new music, new sounds and expending my knowledge into the world of electronic music production. eriences, but I'm trying
my best to change that. I want to grow, to become a master in that field and I strongly believe one day I can achieve that goal.



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