Priom FTW

I am a Music Producer and Composer. I offer free sample pack. My sample packs are 100% Royalty Free Sounds. My packs contain Melody Loops, Full Drum Loops, Piano Loops, 808 Loops, Top Loops, Hihat Loops, Synths One Shots, Drums One Shots, Fills, Buildups, Long Fills, Short Fills, Riser, Sweeps, Presets, Midi, Construction Kits, Stems, FX and many more. I also make free beats for singers. I post all my latest stuffs specially in my Instagram profile. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram. You will get all updates about my upcoming free sample packs and free beats.

All are 100% Royalty Free Sample Packs, Loops and Sounds.

-Priom FTW



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