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Livigesh is the alias of composer, producer, live performer and DJ Junmin Cho. He is known to be prolific: producing several EP’s for various record labels and releasing albums via his own label No Slack Records. As a producer, he keeps pushing boundaries to venture into new sounds. His live performances are calculated but improvisatory at the same time. As a DJ, he likes to take in the atmosphere of the place he is playing at and selects music accordingly.

Since officially founding No Slack Records in 2016, he produced several EP’s for different labels such as Mind Ability Records and Soa Music. He is preparing releases for Tonal Unity, ASANA Industry and Oslated at the moment.

His music is as diverse as his upbringing. He first started with the piano at age 5, started playing the violin and guitar at age 8. He has lived Santa Cruz as a baby. He lived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for four years. He lived in Chicago, Illinois for four years and lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado for about four and a half years. Travelling around the world has given him a wider perspective musically, personally and socially.

He listened to classical music and the Beach Boys due to his Parents’ influences when he was very young. At age 8, he started listening to Hip-hop/rap and rock from his brother’s influence. Junmin started to get into electronic music when he first got his electric guitar at around age 11. At this time around the early 2000’s, mixing Hip-hop/rap and rock was very relevant. From studying this style, Junmin started to dig a little deeper and found out mixed genre’s are inevitable. He didn’t label music at that time.

Junmin was living in Chicago around 2006. He made new friends and they were into all types of music just like himself. He learned a lot from his friends. His friends were into rock, Hip-hop/rap and electronic music such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nas and Deadmau5, and from there on, Junmin started digging into music himself. He found out about Jeff Mills, Andy C, Aphex Twin, John Cage and so on.

Junmin was living in Dublin, Ireland in 2009. This is where his dedication for producing music and playing the classical guitar really caught on. After befriending many DIY musicians, and Junmin got inspired to write, arrange and produce himself.

From studying classical composition in Colorado from 2010 to 2014, he got to know the origins of gregorian chants, classical music, experimental music, minimal music, electronic music, world music and avant-garde music. While studying, he also started to experiment with folk and techno music with his friends. Junmin would hang out with friends playing guitar one day, and would produce techno/electronic music another day. Junmin also joined the Balinese Gamelan Ensemble, contemporary African Ensemble and the Chamber Orchestra.

Junmin visited Germany during the summer and winter of 2013. During the summer of 2013, he studied and composed classical music and learned the discipline and the many methods of creating. During the winter of 2013, he traced the life of Johann Sebastian Bach (one of his favorite composers) by visiting places significant in his life: Eisenach, Ohdruf, Lüneburg, Weimar, Arnstadt, Mülhausen, Dornheim, Cöthen and Leipzig.
Upon arriving from Germany, Junmin focussed on composing and producing music.

Now, based in Seoul, South Korea, he still continues to compose classical pieces and produce music. At the moment he is also very well used to the sounds and feel of disco, Hip-hop, trip hop, downtempo, house and techno. Livigesh is a part of a techno collective called Antevasin

Selected Discography

Disco Island (2016)
At Ease (2017)
Fairies (2018)
Ambient Works EP (2018)
Drive EP (2018)
Another Dimension (2019)
The Missing Link (Compilation) (2019)

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