I am Chago Williams, and for those who don't know of me, I'm a Singer/Rapper From The city of Long Beach CA, as i like to say i have no particular style, i listen to the music, and i match what's in front of me. i have been known for being the hook master. All across the world i have shared my talents. I have a massive library of work with Underground artist from way back till now, as well as a large list of known artist, such as Old time Friend, and 1st music partner Big Snoop Dogg, as well as the eastsidaz, Kokane,Master P, Method Man, Jayo Felony,

Eastsidaz, BadAzz, Daz Dillinger, Yukmouth, Malitia Allstarz, Mr Tan, Dove Shack, The Twinz, Butch Cassidy, Mr Lil One, Ecay Uno, Bokie Loc, Mofak, Big2DaBoy, Lil Drawz, Rekta, and so much more. Loving Music so much i got into production, As GOD Gave me the gift to sing, he also let my fingers sing. as well as singing/Rapping, i have a huge list of Production Credits. When it comes to music i wear all hats, also being a Studio Engineer, i also mix and Master Records... Music is my passion, I wake up each day to create something new. Find out more and see my full catalog of songs, videos, and beats for sale or lease....



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