Creative Director, Content Manager & Contributor here at Ether Wave DM. I have a creative & entrepreneurial spirit and desire to enhance people's businesses & lives through it.

I've produced and provided branding services for independent artists and contributed to building independent digital distribution and artist management companies.
I was a Beat Stars ambassador for Tampa, FL during their national promotional tour in 2018-2019.

I also have a couple instrumental albums out if you wanna listen to my work, just search AMG WAV. into whatever music app you use (shameless plug).

I've been charged with the task of gathering unique and trendsetting creatives from various walks of life and forming a united front that grows momentum not only for itself, but for those involved. One of the methods that will be used to accomplish this is Ether Wave Digital Media.

Various credits to date:
Tarju | Koi | CTM Gramz | YNM Bandana | Cam Godi | Andray Taylor | Saint Just | Kupid The King | Tynee Duzdiz | Electrik



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